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In a different light - Lisbon reflected

Amoreiras #5

Amoreiras #5

Apart from its monuments, the traditional image of Lisbon presented in a multitude of postcards is of a sometimes melancholy city of steep, narrow streets and staircases, charming though dilapidated houses, arrays of washing hanging between crumbling walls and peeling windows, elegant, tile-covered buildings alongside houses painted a variety of now-fading colours.

Modern Lisbon, often built amidst the old, is very different. New materials - mirror-glass, aluminium, modern plastics, sharp edges, non-fade paint - not only change how buildings themselves look, they also reflect a different light on everything around them. And in their reflections, you see not only modern buildings in a different light but also the city.

Amoreiras #2
Picoas Plaza #1
Picoas Plaza #2
where indeed
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Amoreiras #5
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Arco do Cego
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Floating over Lisbon

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