Richard Hartnoll


Almossassa in Marv„o

street dance 1

street dance 1

A Moorish festival in 2010 in Marv„o, a mountain village in Portugal close to the border with Spain

street dance 1
Marv„o, Portugal
festive delights 1
street band 1
street dance 2
street presence 1
street presence 2
street presence in action
street presence 3
street presence 4
following the future
naming names
street dance 3
joining in
waiting for custom
festive delights 2
festive lights
next morning on the way to the festival
street band 2
festive delights 3
street procession
festive delights 4
festive friends
festive friends 2
festive friends 3
festive delights 5
festive friends 4
festive music
triumphal arrival
festive friends 5
festive encounter
festive bikers
festive frolics
festive friends 6

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