Richard Hartnoll


Portuguese landscapes

Vila Nova de Milfontes

Vila Nova de Milfontes

'Portuguese landscapes' is a collection of photographs reflecting my fascination with the colours, lines and shifting light that characterise the varied landscape of Portugal.

Many of these photos were included in my exhibition, 'Paisagens de Portugal', held at the Galeria Municipal de Fitares, Rinchoa, Sintra in November 2007.

Ribatejo #1
Rio Frio
Flores #1, Açores
Ribatejo #2
O Rio Tejo
Flores #2,  Açores
 Serra da Arada
Ribatejo #4
Vila Nova de Milfontes
Porto do Mós #1
Foz do Arelho
Porto do Mós #2
Arruda dos Vinhos
Tróia 2003
Ribatejo #3
Rio Frio
Serra do Bouro
São Jorge, Açores

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