Richard Hartnoll



Image of Richard Hartnoll's portrait

Richard Hartnoll

1947 (Bristol) - 2020 (Lisbon)

Fine art photography including architecture, landscape and nature motives; street photography, theatre, portraiture.

How the artist described his work:

"I strive to combine high technical quality with creative image making. Deliberately, my photographs often appear more like paintings or abstract patterns than photographs, more intense and more starkly structured than reality would suggest. When processing and printing the image, I aim to recreate and communicate my perceptions of what I see, along with the feelings that are invoked. In many cases the aspects that catch the eye lie in the details - a shadow, a reflection, a line, a strong colour - rather than in sweeping panoramas. In this way I seek to focus on the essence of what I see rather than overwhelm the viewer by trying to include everything".

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